Arch D Conference

This year for the very first time, Arch D Radio and Podcasting brought together participating school students from 5 Catholic Schools to share, collaborate and learn.

The morning started off with some games to mix everyone together and break the ice, which ended in a scramble of energised creative minds.

And of course, what would be the point of games without medals?

Doughnut Day!

After an enthusiastic morning, what better way to celebrate International Doughnut Day than with a doughnut!

Workshop One: Script Writing In Your Own Voice

Our very first workshop for the day was run by James, all about writing in your own voice. After a short refresher from the students level one course on Interviewing we ran straight into an activity on introduction writing.

The students found a partner from another school, mixing primary and secondary students. They collaborated to create the ultimate introduction for a podcast idea drawn from a random object they were given. But the catch…? They were not allowed to mention the name of the object until the very last sentence, leaving lots of room for creative storytelling!

Workshop Two: Anchoring A Chatcast

This Workshop was run in two different spaces, one catered for all the primary students and the other for the secondary students. Over with the primary students was Michaela, Arch Ds current anchor on 1079 Life. She shared all of her biggest mistakes with chat-casting since starting a year ago.

Over in the other room was Mary-Anne, otherwise known as Maz, the producer and host of 1079 Life’s The Takeover. Her workshop was all about the tips & tricks she uses every weekday live on air!

Maddie and Matilda Reflect On The Day

At lunch time, Michaela snuck in a quick interview with Maddie and Matilda from SMC Live to chat about their experiences this year with Arch D and the day so far. Check out the interview now!

Workshop Three: Introduction to Narrative Podcasting

Like the one before, this workshop was split into primary and secondary, to learn all about the style of narrative podcasting. Over with the primary students, James opened up the narrative podcast Desert Turtle from the Arch D Show to introduce a new character.

Now introducing, ‘Samurai Penguin’. After learning all about SP’s journey, the students got to work writing the story into a narrative podcast.

While the story of Samurai Penguin was being written in the other room, Arch D’s Secondary students were learning about narrative podcasting from only the best. Tiarne Cook, Podcaster and Radio Producer, was sharing her journey from her days at Sacred Heart College as a year 10, all the way through to being a producer for ABC Radio.

At the end of the day a group from every school at the Arch D Conference got a chance to talk about what they have been up to with Arch D and share their favourite moments.

Thank you so much to St Mary’s College, Our lady of the Sacred Heart, St Gabriel’s School, Sacred Heart College and St Martins School for coming along to the first ever Arch D Conference! You can continue to hear all of these amazing students podcasts right here or you can find them on The School Life Podcast where ever you get your podcasts.

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