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New School Series

In 2021, the school life podcast saw a big change is how it produced amazing school life content. For the very first time, the podcasts you hear are entirely student produced! Everything from blank sheet of paper, through planning, recording and even the artwork at the other end is completely student made.

And after they are all done with their first podcast, they get to jump right back in and learn how to produce another, more advanced and professional style of podcast! That is of course after they get awarded their ‘Start-caster’ badge. Students of Arch D get to produce 3 podcasts, across 3 different styles of podcasting; Interview, Chat-cast & Narrative. Each styles has a range of new skills and endless possibilities to create something out of this world!

All of the New School Series are now available wherever you get your podcasts, and there are so many more to come for 2021! So what are you waiting for, check them out now!

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