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2021 Arch D eAwards Nominees

Podcast Team of the Year

“The Podcast Team of the Year” nominees are made up of the winners of each school’s Principal Podcasting Award. Based on the Living Learning Leading Capability ‘Self-Aware Collaborative & Socially Adept’, this award recognises outstanding teamwork and how it has assisted in creating a great quality podcast.

Most Creative Podcast

The teams nominated in this category have produced the most original, imaginative and creative podcast ideas. Based on the Living Learning Leading Capability ‘Knowledgeable, Inquisitive & Innovative’, this award recognises the students showcasing how ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas make for some of the most ground-breaking and wonderful stories.

Student Voice Award

An award that recognizes students who have stepped out of their comfort zone to create an authentic podcast that sought to make a difference. It is based on the Living Learning Leading Capability ‘Self-Aware, Collaborative & Socially Adept.’ 

Check out the Blackfriars Priory School Nominated Episode ‘The Torch’ in collaboration with OLSH College.

Podcast Episode of the Year

The ‘Podcast Episode of the Year’ is awarded to the team that has excelled in all areas of podcast production. From the conception of their podcast idea to the moment it was uploaded, these students have shown incredible capability and understanding of the material. This award is based on the Living Learning Leading Capability ‘Literate, numerate and effective communicators.’ 

Podcaster of the Year Nominees

Callum Barrot-Walsh from Cardjin College | Madison Gurney-White from OLSH College| Anneliese Pittman from Sacred Heart College| Madison Finlay from St Marys College| Sebastian Kroll from St Michaels Primary



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