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2021 Arch D eAward Winners

2021 was a revolutionary year for podcasting with so many incredible podcast producers to celebrate. This year the Arch D eAwards was a huge success! If you missed out on the online event, check out our 2021 winners below and more behind the scenes photos and videos!

Podcast Team of the Year Primary
Daniel, Andros and Ayla “The Sky Walkers”
Podcast Team of the Year Senior
Kailee, Jessie and Michael “Deconstructing Catholics”
Most Creative Podcast Primary
Oliver, Tannie and Juliette “Drink Bottles Gone Nuts”
Most Creative Podcast Senior
Sienna, Jess Tilly and Ashley “Water Your Opinions”

Student Voice Award

Laila ‘Laila’s Story’
OLSH College and Blackfriars Collab
Check out the Blackfriars Priory School Nominated Episode ‘The Torch’ in collaboration with OLSH College.
Podcast Episode of the Year Primary
Ben, Oliver and Jeremy “Strange Animal Names”
Podcast Episode of the Year Senior
“Explore the world with Tara and Jess”
Podcaster of the Year
Madison Finlay
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