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Podcast Recommendations

Here at Arch D, we are total podcast nerds…

Here are some of our favourite episodes we love to recommend passionately.

James’ #1 pick comes from Radiolab for Kids, which is renowned for its mindblowing soundscape audio work. If you’re not an NFL fan, no need to worry. This episode is totally fascinated to even the least sporty podcast listeners.

In at #2, a This American Life episode, ‘No Place Like Home.’ This episode opens with a very catchy jingle you’ll get stuck in your head and is the only episode which inspired James to write to This American Life with his own take on the story.

Michaela’s Top Picks

Michaela’s #1 is an episode from her radio & chatcast heros Hamish and Andy. The ‘Remembering Project’ dives back into some of their earliest and most iconic radio shows, so if you ever miss Hamish and Andy driving you home this is a podcast for you.

#2 on her list is from Reply All, a show all about the internet that talks about everything from a tweet about 30-50 wild hogs in a mans back yard to a woman whos snapchat account is hacked and held hostage for the stupidest reason. This episode deep dives into the world of scamers where the scamees fight back.

In at #3 is a particularly gross episode of Radiolab for Kids called ‘Holy Cow’ about a cow… with a hole in it… which you can stick your hand into. (No cows were harmed in the making of this episode.)

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