(SMC Live – St Mary’s College)

Arch D Radio began in 2011 as a twice-weekly radio show on 1079 Life with the aim of engaging and showcasing as many young voices from across the Archdiocese of Adelaide.

10 years later, Arch D has grown to include and create 5 podcast channels; “Arch D Show”, “School Life”, “Living Learning Leading Podcast”, “Parishes of Adelaide” & the “For Teachers Podcast”. Again in 2022, Arch D Podcasting has rolled out a new educational program inside 29 Catholic schools across the state with over 1,000 students.

(Photo from Arch D Leaders Day)

Arch D is a project of the Catholic Office for Youth and Young Adults (COYYA) within participating Catholic schools and CESA projects. You can find out all about COYYA’s many other projects here.

Meet the Team

James Meston

James has been with Arch D since its conception in 2011 and has seen it grow from a 1-hour radio show twice a week into an award-winning organization with 5 podcast channels featuring thousands of voices.

Michaela Howard-Jones

An old scholar of Sacred Heart College, Michaela started with Arch D as a student through school, featuring on podcasts and radio shows in 2018 and 2019. She officially started as a co-announcer at the beginning of 2021 and as an instructor in participating Catholic schools in 2022.