Arch D Show

The Arch D Show airs on 1079 Life every Wednesday nights from 9 pm & every Saturday nights from 10 pm.

School Life Podcast

The School Life Podcast features student voices from inside 29 Catholic schools across South Australia about everything that matters to them.

Living Learning Leading

The Living Learning Leading Podcast illustrates how different Catholic schools across South Australia have explored and integrated the Living Learning Leading Framework in their school communities, their challenges, and their triumphs.

Parishes of Adelaide

In season 1 , James sat down with parishioners, parish staff & volunteers, and priests from parishes across South Australia to share their stories on how Covid-19 had affected their lives both inside the church and beyond. In season 2, James and Michaela cover the Adelaide Diocesan Assembly.

For Teachers

For Teachers is a podcast dedicated to exploring the ins and outs of pedagogy, curriculum and teaching practice inside and outside the classroom from the point of view of teachers themselves.