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Committed to podcast education excellence and showcasing the voices of students in the Archdiocese of Adelaide.

Arch D Leaders Day 2022

At Arch D Leaders Day this year, 40 Arch Ds student leaders came together in pairs from across the state to meet one another, collaborate and create! All 12 of their wild and wacky podcasts are streaming now.

Check out the Arch D Teams’ favourite podcast recommendations!

From This American Life to Hamish and Andy, there’s something for everyone whether you’re a new podcast listener or a seasoned narrative lover.

Podcast Recommendations

Here at Arch D, we are total podcast nerds… Here are some of our favourite episodes we love to recommend passionately. James’ #1 pick comes from Radiolab for Kids, which is renowned for its mindblowing soundscape audio work. If you’re not an NFL fan, no need to worry. This episode is totally fascinated to even […]

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What We Do

Arch D Radio and Podcasting operates five podcast channels, all showcasing a unique voice and perspective of the Catholic experience in our Archdiocese.

The Arch D Radio Show still stands as the original birthplace of Arch D. After 11 years, you can still hear the show every Wednesday night from 9 pm and Saturday night from 10 pm on Life FM.

The School Life Podcast features student voices from inside 29 participating Catholic schools across South Australia. In 2022 the Arch D team will deliver classes in podcast production to over 1,000 students.

The Parishes of Adelaide podcast is all about keeping the people of the Arch Dioceses informed about all the major events happening as part of the Catholic Church in Adelaide. Listen to seasons 1 & 2 right now!

Thriving leaders, capable learners, leaders for a world God desires; It’s a big statement. Follow the journey around South Australia visiting inside some of the leading schools taking on the new Living Learning Leading framework in their community.

For Teachers unpacks everything to do with STEM from the perspective of teachers and how their schools are embracing science, technologies, engineering, and maths in the classroom.

Listen Now

To date, Arch D Radio has published 465 podcasts with so many more to come in 2022. Start listening to the School Life podcast from 2022 right now or click below to find 4 more podcast channels to explore.

Our Favourite Projects

New School Series

In 2021, the school life podcast saw a big change is how it produced amazing school life content. For the very first time, the podcasts you hear are entirely student […]

Podcast Exclusives

Ever wandered what goes on behind the scenes when the musics playing? Arch D Podcast Exclusives is the new home of all our favourite moments that didn’t quite make it […]

10th Annual Arch D Awards

A Beautiful and Historic Venue… 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of Arch D Radio and to celebrate, the Arch D Awards are being held at the beautiful and historic Capri […]